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The Centre offers a variety of programs to the community which encompasses the needs of parents, caregivers and children from birth to twelve years of age. Together, our staff aspires to deliver quality service, including a safe, nurturing and inviting environment, nutritious meals and fun-filled days both indoors and out, that facilitate growth and friendships.


Fall 2021 Updates

Effective October 1st 2021, there will be three user options: Full-Time, Part-Time and Call-In. Please refer to our “User Policies” for more information.

Please review our Newsletter and updated “Service Policies” for more information about the changes coming into effect this fall.



September 6


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English Day Care Program


No Infant Program for the time being.


During the month of September, the toddlers will be amazed by all of the bright and cheerful colours of Fall. We will have a sensory bin filled with the beautiful colours of Fall. The children will have a great time finger painting leaves. We will enjoy playing and creating with our Fall scented playdough. The children will have fun placing Fall shapes on sticky paper, removing and repeat. We will also do some Fall painting in our sensory baggies. The toddlers will dig into brightly coloured moon sand to find pine cones and leaves. We will also have some fun singing and doing actions to “Rain Drop Rain Drop; Leaves are Falling; 5 Little Leaves and Ten Red Apples.


In the month of September, the Preschool group will focus on letter and number recognition in our cozy book area. When the big kids go back to school, we know it’s now time for us to get ready for Kindergarten. Multiple times a day, we will sing songs, play games, and have conversations about letters. Also, this month we will learn about tools and machines. I have put more focus on our art and block areas and prepared lots of loose parts for the children to build and create with.

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Wow! It’s September already. The summer was a blast and we are not ready for it to end. The children enjoyed spending time outdoors. We are going to continue enjoying as much time outside as possible rain or shine. Fall is just around the corner and we will take the time to observe all the changes that will be happening. We will discuss all the beautiful colours and why the trees are starting to shed their leaves as well as what the animals are preparing for. Lots of nature walks will be done and exploring the areas around the centre. What can we find to bring back to our room to create a magical indoor nature space? The possibilities are endless and we are so excited for the new learning opportunities and all the possibilities that are waiting for us in September.

School Age

Following the Preschool program.