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The Centre offers a variety of programs to the community which encompasses the needs of parents, caregivers and children from birth to twelve years of age. Together, our staff aspires to deliver quality service, including a safe, nurturing and inviting environment, nutritious meals and fun-filled days both indoors and out, that facilitate growth and friendships.

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2020 User Policies

We now have four user options:

Full-Time (5 days a week)
Part-Time Regular (3 days a week)
Part-Time Irregular (submit a schedule)
Call-In (call on the day care is needed)


We have posted our new User Policies, Service Policies and Parent Manual for your review. If you prefer a paper copy, please feel free to request one.

Winter Outdoor Play

Reminder to parents and caregivers to send children prepared for daily outdoor play!

Important Dates

February 14

Valentine’s Day (card exchange)

February 17

Family Day – Closed

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User Policies
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English Day Care Program

French Day Care Program


February is all about love and family. Valentine’s Day and Family Day are right around the corner so we will be doing activities that will encourage turn-taking and sharing, plus make our very own special valentine cards to hand out to all of our friends in the Centre. We will also have a little party in our room to celebrate. The infant room will be transformed into a fun gross motor room. The weather has been a bit chilly so if we can’t get outside, we can still have fun indoors. There will also be a nice quiet cozy nook to sit and relax with friends and read stories. Please feel free to stay and have fun with your child(ren) in our indoor gym or sit, relax, read a story or just get a few extra snuggles before your day starts. Throughout the month the outside will come in by adding snow in the sensory bin to explore and manipulate.


For the month of February, the children will continue to explore new types of building materials. New supplies will be brought out this month that they can use. They have been enjoying building towers. I’ve noticed the children are very interested in books and listening to stories so I will incorporate story time every morning this month. I will also set up a train track for the children to play with. They love to drive the trains around the room. During outside time for the month of February we will paint the snow with spray bottles and also have fun in the snow making forts. We will also exchange Valentine’s cards on February 14th as well as make Valentine cards. Please dress your child in Red or Pink on Friday February 14th!


For the month of February, we will be focusing on colour and shape recognition during our morning meetings, group activities, and art projects. This past month I have noticed that the children have been spending more time looking at books so I will be sure to have a variety of stories out and a quiet area for them. We will be continuing our story times as well. Also, when the weather permits, we will be outside in the yard or on a walk enjoying the snow. As it is Valentine’s Day on the 14 we will be having a red, white and pink day!

School Age

For the month of February, the School Age program will be having a lot of fun participating in winter nature activities. To start off the month, we will enjoy our very own “Ice Fishing Derby.” They will search for hidden fish in our outdoor play area and we will finish off our derby with prizes and hot chocolate! Get ready for all the tall tales of how their fish was the “biggest.” The SAC program will also spend some time creating birdseed ornaments which we will then go on a hunt for the perfect trees to hang them on. We can’t forget about Valentine’s Day! This day will be celebrated by sharing Valentine’s cards, making crafts, and baking heart-shaped sugar cookies!



School Age



Part-Time Regular

Part-Time Irregular


Invoiced monthly. Payments due as per payment calendar on a bi-weekly basis and can be made by cash, cheque, money order or online.

Invoiced monthly. Payments due as per payment calendar on a bi-weekly basis and can be made by cash, cheque, money order or online.

Invoiced monthly. Payments due as per payment calendar on a bi-weekly basis and can be made by cash, cheque, money order or online.

Must pay in advance prior to use of child care. Payments can be made by cash.

Early ON Centre

The Early ON Centre is a free service open to parents/caregivers and their children, which provides a caring early learning environment. As well as being a resource center and a warm social milieu for adults and children, we host an array of special events that are sure to make your child’s day a little more memorable. Open Monday to Friday mornings from 8:30 to 12:00, and Monday to Thursday afternoons, 1:00 to 3:30. Come drop in!

More information

Parenting Workshops

Childcare provided during workshops. Outreach services are provided to Foleyet and Gogama.

Daily Service

A free service and resource centre open to anyone caring for children. Drop-in to our caring and educational environment.

Baby Sessions

Held on Mondays, 9:30 to 11:30 AM, as well as Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:30 PM.

Notice: Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


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