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The Centre offers a variety of programs to the community which encompasses the needs of parents, caregivers and children from birth to twelve years of age. Together, our staff aspires to deliver quality service, including a safe, nurturing and inviting environment, nutritious meals and fun-filled days both indoors and out, that facilitate growth and friendships.

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Summer Outdoor Play

Reminder to parents and caregivers to send hats, bug spray and sun screen with your child(ren). We will send out additional requests for towels and bathing suits once the weather is consistently warm.

Revised Parent Manual

Please download our revised Parent Manual, if you would like to view our updated information and newly implemented policies! Hard copies are also available upon request.

Important Dates

August 6

Centre Closed

August 1, 8, 15

Pavilion Play Days


Waterpark visits to be scheduled through the month on nice weather days; visits to the Library for story hour activities to be scheduled through the month.

Parent Manual


English Day Care Program

French Day Care Program


For the month of August, we will have a great time with automobiles. We will sing fun songs such as Vroom Vroom, At the Car Wash and Monster Trucks. The infants will get head to toe dirty driving their vehicles through the mud. They will also get a little wet giving their vehicles a bubble bath at the car wash! The infants will enjoy being creative with our carboard box car that we will decorate and have fun driving. We will also have a popping and snapping good time rolling our vehicles over bubble wrap. We will read wonderful stories such as Felix the Fire Engine, Trucks, Shiny Things That Go. The infants will have lots of fun painting their vehicles different colours. We are driving away with August, Beep Beep!


For the month of August, the Toddler group will be learning all about camping and fishing. The toddler group is very interested in fish and playing in the water. Our sensory bin will be full of water and fish and turtles. For creative movement and music we will be singing some songs,12345 once I caught a fish alive and row row row your boat and moving like fish and turtles.This month we will be going to the water park and park. We will also be doing a craft with stained art Jellyfish to incorporate the learning about fish. So please remember parents don’t forget the children’s bathing suits!


In the month of August, the Preschool group will continue to focus on letter and number recognition in our book area. They have been enjoying it when I read to them lately, and they even request some interesting books such as “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, “Dragons Love Tacos” and “Mortimer”. Multiple times a day, we sing songs, play games, and have conversations about letters. Also, this month we will continue learn about maps and flags. We will draw, colour, and create beautiful maps, and use them to find treasures in our yard. I have put more focus on our art area and prepared lots of loose parts for the children to build and create with. The air is extremely hot this month. Please send your child with a hat, bug spray and sun screen as we will be playing outdoors daily.

School Age

For the month of August, the children will be exercising their muscles outside during nice weather with gross motor activities at the Centre, along with walks to the park, pavilion, library and water park to participate in some special activities. The children have been especially interested in games lately. They have taken a great interest in checkers and are striving to beat their Educators in friendly little quiet time tournaments. The Educator will be teaching the children some different card games as well. While we have been outside we have noticed a large number of different bugs. The children have caught quite a few already and are extremely curious about how they get there. This is leading to some research on the bugs life cycle and how they look close up. We will be continuing this research and expanding our bug knowledge this month.


L’été est finalement ici, nous sommes très heureux!!! Les enfants feront beaucoup d’activités à l’extérieur, par exemple; cueillir des fleurs, ramasser des roches, ensuite les peinturer, jouer dans le bac d’eau et faire des châteaux de sable. Ils iront pour des marches au parc de la paix pour voir toutes les fleurs, regarder l’eau et écouter les oiseaux chanter. Pendant l’été, les enfants auront aussi la chance d’aller chercher et observer différents types d’insectes dans la cour et pendant nos marches. Quand la température nous le permet, nous seront dehors, alors s’il vous plait envoyés votre enfant avec de la crème solaire, une serviette, un chapeau et un costume de bain pour jouer dans l’eau. Nous allons aux gymnases quand la température ne le permet pas.


School Age

Le soleil brille aussi lumineux que nos sourires Pour le dernier mois de vacance d’été, nous ferons beaucoup d’activités à l’extérieur qui est lié à notre thème, comme cueillir des fleurs, faire un pique-nique pour notre collation, jouer dans l’eau etc. Depuis que l’été a commencé, les amis cherchent et trouve des différents types d’insectes dehors donc, nous allons rechercher, apprendre et parler de tous les insectes qu’ils trouvent.


Payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order or through online banking. Receipts will be issued upon payment.



Payments are due as per payment schedule on a bi-weekly basis.

Payments are to be made as you use or you may pay in advance for a pre-determined number of days.

Early ON Centre

The Early ON Centre is a free service open to parents/caregivers and their children, which provides a caring early learning environment. As well as being a resource center and a warm social milieu for adults and children, we host an array of special events that are sure to make your child’s day a little more memorable. Open Monday to Friday mornings from 8:30 to 12:00, and Monday to Thursday afternoons, 1:00 to 3:30. Come drop in!

More information

Parenting Workshops

Childcare provided during workshops. Outreach services are provided to Foleyet and Gogama.

Daily Service

A free service and resource centre open to anyone caring for children. Drop-in to our caring and educational environment.

Baby Sessions

Held on Mondays, 9:30 to 11:30 AM, as well as Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:30 PM.

Notice: Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


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